Distributors & Retailers

G&G works together with some of the worlds largest multinational companies and distributors around the globe. We understand the importance of collaboration with our business partners and clients in the supply chain management process. Ensuring that our standard is kept and exceeded, that our service, product quality and pricing is continuously met to the highest standards. 

We understand the needs of our distributors and retailers in various situations from our OEM, ODM services, large GPO and Government bids, marketing strategy support in the retail sector, to supplying our exclusive patented products. G&G carefully strategically plans with our clients and partners to ensure that they are competitive in their individual markets, carefully collaborating and maintaining appropriate supply inventory levels, in addition to working with our clients sales strategies.

G&G also ensures its quality, where its quality management system is stringently managed and executed. We ensure we provide a full product service, where material safety data sheets and certificate of analysis can be provided to our clients together with various in house and external product test reports.