G&G Quality

G&G Medical's focus has always been on quality, value, and innovation of our products that is why we are fully registered with the FDA. G&G gives both patients and users the high quality products that ensure they are receiving the best possible care. Our quality management system ensures that we deliver our promise to our suppliers, employees and customers. Our system is both regularly audited both internally by our Quality Control team and externally by certified bodies such as all ISO standards.   Our users can ensure they live their lives with confidence and assurance that is needed.

Quality Control Testing

At G&G we ensure that our incontinence and hygiene products meet the most stringent quality assurance through our in house and external laboratory testing with governing bodies such as NSF and SGS, we also constantly develop products for improved product performance.

 All G&G Medical Products meet our following stringent compliance specifications:

  • Size and Weight

  • Absorbency Capacity

  • Leakage Protection

  • Re-wet Values

  • Acquisition Speeds 

  • All Products are Latex Free and Allergen Free

  • FDA Batch Requirements and Quality Control Specifications


Our facilities are managed efficiently, where our quality control management system and team consistently ensuring our products quality throughout the manufacturing process. Our QC team conducts in process and end product batch QC testing on all products, ensuring we consistently meeting customer requirements.


Internal lab test results are produced on all our batches, where we carefully analyse our data and measure them against our KPI reports. 


In addition, any subsequent external product testing reports can be regularly produced on many of our finished products. 


Material Sourcing


Material sourcing and supply is a major essence of GHC Group companies. All GHC Group's material suppliers are stringently audited by GHC and internationally recognized organizations, ensuring quality performance and consistency of supply is continously met.


Our relations with our suppliers ensures not only physical specifications and chemical compositions, but also that any newly developed specifications are met with performance, in addition to also competitive pricing and environmental responsibility.

Continuous Improvement 


With quality being one of our groups number one values, we emphasize at every stage of our material sourcing, product development, manufacturing,  and logistics continuous improvement throughout our processes. GHC conducts regular internal audits on our quality agreements with our suppliers, as well as scrutinizing our processes regularly.