Working together with healthcare professionals

G&G Medical works closely together with healthcare professionals to develop high quality medical hygiene products. We emphasize both the performance

for patients as well as the practical and user friendliness for healthcare professionals. Our products allow healthcare professionals to use improved techniques allowing them to focus more time on more

rewarding patient care.

Hospice Care

Hospital facilities such as in acute care all around the globe rely on our high quality medical hygiene products. We at G&G understand the importance and ever growing concern for incontinence management at facilities. We ensure that our products perform ensuring patient care is kept up to standard. Our products help nurses prevent the development of dermatitis, pressure ulcers and improvement in skin health management.  This all helps not only for facilities to improve patient care but assist in managing budgets and costs. 

Long Term Care

With the general population in North America and most developed nations aging significantly over the next few decades, long term care is becoming more and prevalent. We at G&G understand the importance of using the right incontinence products and management. Improving the bottom line and level of care allows us to improve patient and staff satisfaction.

How we achieve better results

G&G uses exclusive registered technologies such as our Liquidlock core which enable to maintain a optimum skin environment. Our Liquidlock core ensures complete dryness (no re-wet)  and regulated skin pH levels promoting a healthy skin environment. This helps eliminate leakage, reducing the amount of changes and labor costs.


Airflow technology allows for optimal temperature and skin conditions. This unique technology allows patients skin to breath and heat to dissipate will maintaining the security and protection of no leakage. This technology significantly improves skin conditions and assists with the reduction of pressure ulcers and greatly reducing the cost of treatment during a patients hospital stay. 


G&G offers an array of sizing options ranging from small up to bariatric sizes. No matter what size the patient may use we ensure that we offer a product that is best suited for their particular size. Our new seamless and premium large underpad sizing allows for improved fitting and product performance for all. 


All G&G products are allergen and latex free. We ensure that our products and materials that we use do not cause any skin irritation or redness and work synergistic-ally with the technologies that we have developed to improve skin environments.